Science Writing for Leading Titles

A sampling of my reporting on energy and the environment for leading print and online publications:

Architectural Record: This >110-year-old monthly is read by both professional architects and engineers and non-experts tracking cutting edge design.
☍  “Building-Integrated Wind Power: A Force of Nature”
☍  “The Post-Sandy Grid: Unequel Yet Superior?”
☍  “Power to the People”

MIT Technology Review (contributing editor): Founded in 1899, Technology Review derives its authority from the world’s foremost technology institution but operates independently of it to decipher the practical impact of new technology and to predict how it will change our lives.
☍  “Can Japan Recapture its Solar Power?”
☍  “Alberta’s Oil Sands Heat Up”
☍  “Carbon Trading on the Cheap”

Spectrum (contributing editor): Flagship magazine for the world’s largest professional technology association and publisher, Spectrum explores the development, applications and implications of new technologies. In 2012, it won a National Magazine Award for “General Excellence Among Thought Leader Magazines” and a Jesse H. Neal Award for Best News Coverage for its special report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.
☍  “Japan’s Post-Fukushima Power Struggle”
☍  “Germany Jumpstarts the Supergrid”
☍  “China’s Cyclists Take Charge” CBC’s online news presence and one of Canada’s most popular websites.
☍  “Peace River: a wind-power success story”

Nature: The world’s most cited scientific journal, founded in 1869, is also an authoritative source of news on science policy.
☍  “Climate Policy: Scientists Get Political”
☍  “Dispatching Demand”
☍  “Next Generation Biofuels”

Discover: A popular science magazine launched in October 1980 by Time Inc.
☍  “Averting the Blackout of the Century”
☍  “The Easiest Way to Fight Global Warming?”
☍  “Turning Turkey Guts Into Oil”

AlbertaViews: In 2003 this feisty local pub had the guts to run my prescient look at Alberta’s tarsands after Canada’s top newspaper demurred. In 2009 AlbertaViews was named Canadian Magazine of the Year.
☍  “Digging a Carbon Hole for Canada”

Sunday Times of London: A colorful Murdoch broadsheet not to be confused with the storied Times of London.
☍  “Keeping an Eye on the Storm
☍  “An Ice Age Cometh”