Compelling Writing on Critical Topics

A topical selection of Peter Fairley’s more than 20 years covering energy, environmental science and technology. They tell the story of our century, exploring challenges within an overstretched environment and charting the design, policy and technology developments that seek to align better living and ecological sustainability.

Architecture // “Building-integrated Wind Power: A Force of Nature” // “Frankfurt’s Electronically Controlled Exteriors” // Urban Agriculture Heads Upstairs and Indoors // Performance Anxiety // Power to the People

Power Grids // “Post-Sandy Grid: Unequel Yet Superior?” // “Germany Jumpstarts the Supergrid” // “San Francisco’s Secret DC Grid” // “Why Japan’s Fragmented Grid Can’t Cope” // “The Unruly Power Grid” // “Rooftop Solar To Stabilize the Grid” Energy // “Europe Looks to North America’s Forests” // “Peace River a wind-power success story” // “Smarts for Solar Arrays” // “Plastic Solar Cells Roll Into Unlit Villages” // “Tidal Power’s Surprising Comeback” // “Solar-Cell Squabble”

Nuclear Energy & Fossil Fuels // “Alberta’s Oil Sands Heat Up” // “A Call for Safer Handling of Nuclear Waste” // “How Technology Failed in the Gulf” // “Nuclear Wasteland // “Carbon Dioxide for Sale”

Mobility // “Hydrogen: The Dream that Won’t Die” // “Next Generation Biofuels” // “Deflating the Air Car” // “China’s Cyclists Take Charge” // “Hybrids’ Rising Sun” // “Life in the Fast Lane”

Energy Policy // “Japan’s Post-Fukushima Power Struggle” // “Power Potential and Pitfalls on the Congo” // “Carbon Trading on the Cheap” // “Le Roi Nucléaire to be Dethroned”

Climate & Environmental Science // “Satellites and Simulations Track Missing Methane” // “Many, Many Smoking Guns” // “The Easiest Way to Fight Global Warming?” // “Neptune Rising”

Health & Medicine // “Saving Lives with Living Machines” // “Blood from a Chip” // “The Fumes of Death”

Technology // “Nanotech by the Numbers” // “Sewer Bots” // “Creating movie-quality graphics in real time” // “Programming Advanced Materials”

Chemicals // “Safety Investigation Board May Rise from the Ashes” // “Campaign 2000: Executives Ante Up for Access to Bush” // “Endocrine Disruptors: Sensationalism or Science”